More than hosting; we focus on growth!

Hosting comes dime a dozen but you won’t find hosting that is proactive to neutralize issues as well as provide online marketing consultation to help you grow.

Our Focus

Three Key Areas of Web Hosting

Tech Knowledge

From web programming languages to server scripting, we have you covered.


A strong offense in your defense. Proper security implementation is a priority

Analysis & Growth

More than just hosting; analysis of your website with feedback for growth.

Our Approach

Effective & Strategic Operations

We are not your typical web hosting company. We will approach your hosting support with a highly technical focus but we are also online marketers and business consultants therefore we also want to ensure that we are providing you with key analysis to help your website grow.

cPanel Gurus

The most known name in the web hosting industry implementing and functioning to your benefit.

Real-time Alerts

24/7 monitoring of your web hosting account to ensure that communication occurs and issues are resolved as soon as they take place.


What’s taking place on the back-end hosting will reflect what is shown on the front end (your website). We want to ensure that your hosting is truly helping you grow.

The Royal WordPress Website Migration

We will transfer your WordPress website from your previous web hosting in less than 2 hours!* Let us help you move your site to our servers quickly so that you will incur little to no noticeable downtime. Take 15% off with the Web Tier I package or higher!


1. Backup Website

Your website will first be updated (plugins) then completely backed up and safely downloaded offline. The backup will be tested fully prior to instructing you to proceed with cancelling your previous web host.


2. Restore Website

Your website will first be uploaded and restored to our servers, your domain name will be redirected to point to our server and your website will be completely tested for full functionality.


3. Complete Setup & Education

All the nerdy behind-the-scenes tasks will be completed to ensure that your website is performing to it highest capabilities. We’ll be sure to give you the non-techie/ summary.


You have concerns, we have answers

Packages that help your brand build and grow!

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